Built with 100% renewable energy


Humble Hand Crafts philosophy starts with an attempt at full circle sustainability in building. We are a Green oriented company doing our best to show our beliefs thru our actions.

Working in construction from a young age gave me first-hand experience in knowing the amount of resources that go into the landfill with each project. Building small helps to keep things simple and is less wasteful.

We operate all tools and machinery off a renewable energy system including solar and a biodiesel generator.

– Ryan O’Donnell

Transplanted #rusticvibes #undertheoaks @bookends_bookstore in M.O
Makin doors like a ninja wood
On site & off the grid, building things with a waste vegetable oil operated generator 🙌🍟🍔#biodiesel #renewableenergy #zombiebox
Layin boards for dayyyys, only 40 or so to go 😁
Proto 1.0