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Why us?

Humble Hand Craft’s philosophy starts with an attempt at full circle sustainability in building. Given the exploitation of resources in the world today, we are partaking in the new wave of conscious building and business practices. By salvaging re-claimed materials and harnessing solar energy, we minimize our carbon footprint while still providing artisan homes of the highest quality. 

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What makes us green?

Reclaimed Materials

  • We use as much reclaimed wood as possible.

  • We do not contribute to deforestation.

  • If we purchase new lumber, it must be sustainably harvested.

Built Using Solar Energy

  • All our units are built using clean energy.

  • Our shop is powered through the Clean Power Alliance providing 100% green energy for the shop.

Clean Insulation

We use Roxul, wool and now have a vegan, recycled denim option for our insulation. This creates a solid foundation for clean air in small spaces. While being non toxic they are also mold and fire resistant. We are aware of the humidity that occurs in vans so we use breathable insulation and use materials with mold resistant properties. If moisture does condensate, it should have an escape route!


Natural Finishes

All of our finishes are natural and unharmful. Our wall paneling is typically finished with plant based oils and no voc latex paints. Some of our other finishes consist of Tung oil, Beeswax, carnauba wax, Hemp oil, Etc. 


Our company truck runs entirely on Bio-Fuel!

Wood Burning Stove

  • wood burning stove- great dry heat for dehumidification in wet climates, and vans 😉

  • Does not draw on precious resources when off-grid

  • Nothing beats a rolling oak fire 🙂

Alcohol Stove & Oven

  • Requiring minimal venting – a cracked widow would suffice.
  • Make sure your fuel canister has fuel and your flame is Blue, if its orange refill!
  • Dometic propane stoves also work… But they do require more mindful use of ventilation, and propane tank storage.
  • Cleanest burning fuel on the market
  • Safe for small spaces

Off-Grid Systems for our Units

  • We offer the most innovative, high-end solar systems available to the public.

  • Our off-grid systems are safely built, and easy to learn.



Low Voltage Fridge & Lighting

  • Low voltage lighting and appliances-our refrigerators can run 24/7 without requiring an inverter.
  • Maximum efficiency is paramount when off grid!
  • Lighting is LED and draws practically nothing!


Our services

Solar & Off-Grid Installation

We offer both Solar Off-Grid power kits and installations for Van conversions and Tiny Homes.

Sustainable Material Sourcing

We source our materials from sustainably forested and/or reclaimed distributors.

Custom Cabinetry
& Built-in Furniture

All cabinetry and furniture is built in-house, and completely custom to the clients needs.

Mill work

Our access to a CNC machine allows us to design and create anything with precision
and accuracy.

Exterior Modifications
& Add ons

We work with trusted 4x4 mechanics that complete all of our accessory installs.

Custom Design
& Renderings

We utilize a variety of software to create visual renderings of all of our designs.

Our Team


Ryan O'Donnell

Founder, Head builder, designer, Tiny home Dweller


Seasoned Carpenter, Dad, Outdoor enthusiast

Alex DeYoung

Marketing, Designer, Finance, tiny home Dweller

Spence Hoffman

Office Assistant, Bus Dweller

Connell Demmond

Intern, Drafter, CaD Specialist

Brad Corney

Carpenter, Musician, guitar designer



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Wood and Materials

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